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The PSSC system - Online payroll for the RDF


Since October 2017 reservists have no longer received a printed payslip when carrying out paid training. All payslips and other documents, such as your annual P60 from the Department of Defence, can only be accessed online via an account with your Payroll Shared Services Centre (PSSC).

There were previously 18 payroll centres for processing the payroll of Government employees. These were consolidated and integrated into one payroll shared service operation by the PSS based in 3 locations (Galway, Killarney and Tullamore). The PSS centre which administers RDF pay is based in Galway.

This guide is intended to ensure that all RDFRA members know how to access their payslips and other documents.

Registering for an account


Step 1

Contact the Reservists’ helpdesk in Galway and request a “token” using the dedicated email address:  


You will need to provide the following information:

1.         RDF Service number.

2.        Name & Date of Birth.

3.        Civilian email address.


Step 2


Once you have received your token by email you will need to set up your account. Follow the steps in Revenue's guidance document (.pdf file) which is linked here.

If you experience any difficulties with this part of the process you can call the Galway PSSC at 0818 107 100. They are available Monday-Thursday 9:00-16:00 and Friday 9:00-13:00.


Step 3


Now that your account is activated you can log in at


Select the option “Department of Defence Soldiers, Officers and Reservists Pay” from the list of links.


Log in using your Username (email address), Password and by answering one of the three security questions that you previously set up.


You should now be in your PSSC account. For a guide to navigating your new account click here.

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