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Navigating your PSSC Account


This guide is intended to ensure that all RDFRA members know how to navigate their PSSC account in order to access their payslips and other documents. The website is quite intuitive and most members may figure it out for themselves, however it is worth providing some pointers.

If you do not have a PSSC account set up yet please read this article first. The article also provides instructions on how to login to your account which is not repeated here.


On logging in to your account you will see the homepage below. The panel highlighted in green allows you to select one of your four most recent payslips. A summary of the selected payslip appears to the right. The most recent payslip is selected by default. In the screenshot below we have selected the oldest of the four pay periods available on the home page.

To see the detailed payslip you must click on the blue link entitled “Full Payslip” which is highlighted on the screen shot below in red.



Detailed payslip

When you click on Full Payslip you get the detail shown below. The full page could not be fitted in the screenshot.



If you scroll further down the payslip you get the option to see a printable version of the payslip and you can click on this as indicated.



Close the individual payslip by clicking on the “X” in the top right corner and return to the homepage. Now click the magnifying glass icon as indicated below.



This will open a search window, as seen below, that allows you to review every DoD payslip back to the year 2004. Three payslips are displayed per page and each individual payslip can be opened and viewed in detail or printed by clicking on one the cog icons indicated by the red arrow. Scroll back and forth through the pages of payslips using the arrows at the bottom of the window as circled in green.



Close the search window by clicking the “x” in the top right corner and return to the homepage. Scroll down to the lower half of the page to view your P60 forms from the DoD. You can click directly on the three most recent years as indicated by the green box below. To access some of your older P60s click on the magnifying glass icon as indicated by the red arrow. There will be no P60 issued in 2019 or subsequent years as the introduction of “PAYE Modernisation” by the Revenue commissioners makes this form obsolete.



There are some further functions available on the PSSC portal which can be discovered by trial and error. The functions illustrated in this article are those which we believe to be of most interest and utility to reservists.


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