On Friday 20th November 2015, the President of RDFRA,  Mr. Paddy Mulley and Mr. Ger Kiely attended the Commissioning Ceremony in the Naval Base of three NSR members, two of  which are deeply involved in RDFRA. The Commissioning class were  Kevin Whitney, Orla O’Shea and Thomas Bourke.

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RDFRA, in association with Newgrange Technologies, have recently launched their new website. The site will be regularly updated with content related to the Representation of the Reserve Defence Forces.

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On 30 SEP 15, delegates from RDFRA met in DFHQ Newbridge with A COS, FOCNS, and C&A (Mil) to discuss and seek resolutions for current issues within the NSR.  The meeting was a resounding success, and RDFRA were delighted with the firm commitment given to the future of the NSR by A COS and FOCNS A full report on the meeting is currently being prepared, and will be delivered to senior NSR pers in the near future for distribution to all NSR units/pers.  RDFRA were also invited to attend a subsequent NSR Forum meeting in the coming months in order to follow up on the progress of the NSR initiatives agreed to in the 30 SEP 15 meeting. 


RDFRA is here to represent members of the Reserve Defence Forces in matter related to service, pay, conditions and also career advancement. RDFRA is dedicated to securing the best possible conditions of service.

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The RDFRA was pleased to see the presentation of the White Paper on Defence made to the Dáil last night (30 June 2015).  We have made many detailed representations on behalf of our members where we outlined a practical vision for the appropriate utilisation of the Reserve Defence Forces.  Having fully engaged in the consultative process we are confident that our perspective has been completely understood. 

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On Wednesday 12 November at 2.30pm, the National Executive of the Reserve Defence Forces Representative Association (RDFRA) delivered a submission to the Committee on Justice, Defence and Equality - chaired by Deputy David Stanton TD - in Leinster House.

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